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KEGG FTP Academic Subscription

NPO Bioinformatics Japan operates the KEGG FTP site for academic users (see background information on the KEGG website). Please subscribe to gain access to this site.

How to subscribe

KEGG FTP academic subscription (paid subscription) is available to academic users belonging to academic institutions. First, register for a KEGG FTP account from the URL below: and activate your account by following the link given in the confirmation email that you receive. Second, login to your account and submit a subscription request, which gives you a link to download your order form. You will have to agree with the terms and conditions of use to complete this step. Third, fill in the order form and send it back by email.

Subscription orders outside of Japan are handled by Pathway Solutions Inc.1
email: academic @
Subscription orders within Japan are handled by NPO Bioinformatics Japan
email: academic @

Once your payment is confirmed, you will have an access to the KEGG FTP site.

Subscription types and prices

There are two subscription types:
  • Personal use (see: agreement) -- for a single end user
  • Organizational use (see: agreement) -- for a service provider and/or multiple end users

Please select "Personal use" if you use the KEGG data only as an end user.
Please select "Organizational use" if you provide any outside service using the KEGG data.

"Organizational use" also allows multiple end users. You and your colleagues in the same institution may be covered by the Organizational use, if the order is placed by the representative of your institution.

Subscription types are further divided by the location of residence (see: price list):

KEGG FTP Data Content

The content of the weekly updated KEGG FTP site is shown in the following Readme files.

KEGG FTP by non-academic users

Non-academic users are requested to obtain a license agreement for downloading KEGG. Please contact Pathway Solutions Inc. ( for licensing and pricing information.

  1. The KEGG FTP academic subscription service is provided under the cooperative agreement between NPO Bioinformatics Japan and Pathway Solutions Inc.